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Company Profile

EasyBooks is a unique mix of a technology development and strategic consultancy company.

Hundreds of people from many International and high profile companies are relying on our solutions to manage their day-to-day perations.

We provide our clients with complete solutions : consulting, strategy, development, support, all under one roof.

At EasyBooks we believe that the best approach to deliver quality and effective solutions to our customers is a clear focus on specific areas of expertise. By understanding the specific domains in detail we can address our customers concerns more effectively, limiting the risk of misunderstanding requirements and, in many cases, actually helping our customers better define their problems.

Extensive Industry Knowledge :

We have experience in dealing with the review process and system issues that differentiate a contracting/ trading project from a typical industry project. As such at EasyBooks , we will not need to spend significant time learning about your industry or the methodology of contracting, trading and maintenance processes before starting the project.

Detailed Product Insight :

We have implemented many of the leading contracting software solutions in Middle East and developed alliances with the vendors who provide leading software solutions. Therefore, we can leverage this knowledge throughout our consulting practice, which leads to timely, accurate vendor/ software selection recommendations.

Visionary Technology/ Domain Expertise :

We have the expertise, resources and commitment to discuss, understand and design the most technically advanced solutions. Domain expertise ensures that EasyBooks specializes in the knowledge required to effectively cater to our customers' requirements by applying the appropriate technologies.

EasyBooks's approach is to utilize a team of domain experts that work collaboratively with our customers to develop solutions as per client specifications and designs. This allows us to deliver those solutions on time as we have an edge in not requiring additional time to become familiar with the specific domain, thus we could devote our effort to aim at exceeding customer expectations and ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet our customers' requirements.

EasyBooks is a specialized, software, and business solutions development company. It is our mission to be different from others in a way.

We bring together creativity and knowledge with positive business strategy to furnish your requirements with an inclusive range of services.

We are dedicated to help our clients to improve the business operations by implementing our high-quality solutions. We build comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to meet the requirements of the clients. We make sure we exceed clients' expectations so that they can focus on their core-competencies to improve or expand their business.

Providing offshore consultancy is what we specialize in. The management team is equipped with latest technology, better project management techniques and organizational development skills, which are significant in helping our clients achieve the required goals.

We enhance our services by :

  • Providing innovative and original ideas for the business.
  • Looking into the depths of the clients' thoughts to transform them into reality.
  • Being the mastermind in technical competence.
  • Having a better form of communication.
  • We are the group of people - client will appreciate working with.
  • Learning more about us will please you to find out the inner strengths of the management team that will work for you